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Energy Work

Ever walked into a room and immediately felt at home?
Crossed paths with someone and knew they were angry before they ever said a word?
Known it was "right" without being able to logically explain it?

Your body knows, way before your brain does.  Energy speaks.  You can feel the vibration, and often see it (or feel it) in how you move.

Science has taught us that everything is made of energy.
AND, energetic alignment matters.

When you are aligned, you create a channel of energy that flows from your mind, through your core, and down to your toes.  This sparks a mind-body connection that can add power and focus to your movement (both mental and physical).  When you are out of alignment you block the flow of energy, which has consequences - both physically and mentally.

Let's tune into your energy field and raise your vibration.

What is energy work?

Energy work is a practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove and release blocks, and rebalance one's energy fields. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.  In each session, a combination of modalities (usui reiki, coaching, chakra/body awareness & more) is used based on the client's needs.
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Energy Session:
One powerful 60 minute session.
Investment: $95.

Energy + Movemeant:

In this 75 minute session we spend 45ish minutes on the table, and the remainder moving.  We identify energy blocks, and then feel our way into it.  Grounding and deepening the awareness in the body.
Investment: $125

Quick Shifts:

If you've worked with me in the past and would like a little shot in the arm, or occasional kick in the ass (and I mean that in the nicest possible way...), this is perfect for you! Youʼll get six 25 minute sessions, to be used at your discretion.
Investment: $300.

Sessions are held in South Lake Union at Flow Fitness.  If you choose, you can request a distance session over the phone or via skype.