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Move your body. You are meant to. Push it to the limit, or simply stand still.  But pay attention. Use pain as an indicator.  Listen to the cues. How will you move through this life?
Beth Cline

Move Your Mind

Move your mind.  Or it’ll move you. What are you thinking right now? Consciously choose. Be curious. Question anything that doesn't feel good. Name your values. Know how you want to feel. Move with intention.

Recent Articles

Are you improving?

| April 11, 2014 | 0 Comments

How can I improve?
How often do you ask this question?

Improve ~ (noun) to bring into a more desirable or excellent condition

If you’re like most, you don’t ask this question enough.
Most people tend to ask, is this right?
The math equation.  Posture.  Downward dog.  Baking.  The report.  Sex.  Painting.  Drawing.  Excel spreadsheets.  The proposal.  Recipes.
Am I getting this right?

Looking over our shoulders, asking for approval.
Eyebrows raised.  Is this right?

This, I believe, is restrictive in two major ways:
The answer is either yes or no – and can be left at that (hopefully it’s not, but could be) and thus, there’s little to no growth.
It feels crappy and is dis-empowering.  Asking for verification outside of ourselves.
Soul diminishing.

Instead, what if you asked: how can I improve?
As in, I think this is pretty good, but nudge me a little further.
Or, I’ve got no freaking clue here – a little help?  What can I do better?

Soul expanding.  Growth enhancing.
How can you improve?
move into it.

What are you willing to let go of?

| April 3, 2014 | 0 Comments

What are you willing to let go of, to make space for something new?

It could be something small (relatively)….like the tension in your body.  The clutter on your desk.  The books that you’ve accumulated in your home.  The shoes that no longer fit. That exercise program that you hate.

Or something larger (again, perspective)….like the need to be in control.  To have the right answer.  The job that you dread going to.  That habit that doesn’t serve you any longer. That boyfriend (or girlfriend), that’s really not so nice.  The belief (you know the one), that’s holding you back.

Not everything in our past belongs in the present.  Not everything in the present, belongs in the future.  Not everything serves who you most want to be. 

So my friend what is it for you?  What are willing to let go of, to make space for something new?

Me?  I’m cleaning out my closets.  Metaphorically, and literally.  Letting go of clothes I don’t wear, and fears that keep me safe…it’s not easy, and it’s uncomfortable.  Right where I most (and sometimes least) want to be.

Feeling lighter already.

What’s Your Style?

| March 21, 2014 | 0 Comments

In our fast paced society, it’s all about speed. Getting it done. Having it now. Making it happen. Pushing to the extreme. Pulling. Going big or going home.

Counter to that…or sometimes, alongside of it, is allowing it to happen. Letting it be easy. Relaxing. Expanding. Breathing into it. On the surface, this may seem easier – I assure you, it’s not.

Which one is your predominant style? When you work? When you eat? When you breathe? When you exercise?

Both styles work. They both have their finer points, and situations in which to use them. But do you ever mix it up? Or find that you stick with one way in pretty much everything?

I have to admit, I’ve more of a go hard or go home gal. My motto for exercise has always been “if I’m not swearing in my head, I’m not working hard enough.” If I’m in a class, and I’m not mentally cussing the teacher out, I figure I’m wasting my time. Harsh, I know. But I only have so much time to exercise and I want to leave it all in there. I want to walk out of the class, off of the field, away from the track knowing that I left everything there. Breathing heavy. Sweaty. Done. This has been my approach for as long as I can remember.

Right now, I’m mixing it up. Toying with a more expansive, softer(?) style.
I have been attempting to develop a yoga practice and am now in week three.
Every now and then, I think that I’m not working hard enough. I don’t leave class sweaty or out of breath or even needing a shower. And this morning, as I was on the mat opening my hips in some god-forsaken pose (I’m pretty sure she was trying to kill me), I noticed that I wasn’t swearing. AT ALL. There was no need to. The only thing that would ease the tension in my hips was breathing into it. Gritting it out or tightening up wasn’t going to help. Expanding into it was. Finding a way, within my body to relax a little more, and perhaps find a little more ease.

 Two different styles. Two different purposes. Perhaps, two different outcomes.
Each a challenge in it’s own way. There’s a time and a place for leaving everything on the field. In the classroom. On the project. However, there’s also room to expand. Deepen into it. Allow it to be a little easier (even if that’s not so easy).

Which will you do? Is there room to practice both?

 Move with intention.

What are you circulating?

| March 14, 2014 | 0 Comments

When we talk about circulation most often we think of blood.
The transfer of nutrients throughout the body.
If your blood flow gets cut off, you’re in deep, deep trouble.
Or perhaps, we think about money.  Circulating money out into the world.

Yet by definition, circulation can be anything.

Circulation: (noun) 4. the transmission or passage of anything from place to place or person to person (

You can circulate, or hoard, anything.
Energy, food, love, money, generosity, kindness, laughter, etc.

What are you circulating?  Or hoarding?
Sometimes we withhold our love in fear that someone won’t love us back.  Love anyway.

We withhold money in fear of being taken advantage of, in saving for a disaster in the future, or in wanting to purchase the next big thing.  Share your money anyway, even if you have little to give.

We withhold our trust, because someone hasn’t earned it yet.  Trust anyway.

Me?  I have been to know to hoard my presence.  In fear that I won’t be good enough.  Or that I won’t be liked.  Show up anyway.

The more that you circulate, the more you have to give.
What can you pass around today?

move into it. 

What do you see?

| March 6, 2014 | 0 Comments

Are you just looking, or can you tell me ~ what do you see?
Too often, we look.  We go on auto-pilot, glancing around, not really taking anything in.  The more familiar we are with our surroundings, the less we truly see them.  What’s worse, without noticing, we often look at what’s in front of us and immediately jump to our own story – to our thoughts and beliefs, to what’s going on in our own lives – and completely disregard truly seeing.

Pay attention.  Instead of just looking, can you tell me, what do you see?

Sometimes I look at whiny, defiant children (and I want to scream).  And then I remember.  It’s a privilege to spend my days with my children, and I see balled up energy waiting for some love, attention and play (and sometimes quiet reading).

At times I look at aggression. On the news, at the grocery store, on the road.  It’s easy to respond in that same vein. And then I remember – I don’t want to feel like that, and I’ve got no idea what that person has been through. Then, do my best to see love.

Sometimes I look at people passing me, running faster, easier.  And I get frustrated (and go slower).  But then I look up, and see the sky and the water and I remember how much I love to be outside, moving.

Sometimes I look at drivers cutting me off, not using turn signals, not moving.  Anger moves in, and then I remember ( and take a deep breath).  I see my surroundings, and remind myself, there’s more than enough time.

Take a moment.  Don’t just look around.
Tell me, what do you see?

An office full of clutter?  Or a temple in which to create.

A co-worker whining to you?  Or someone in need of a hug.

A boring salad?  Or earth, water and sunshine.  Health.

The road and that three mile walk in the rain?  Or the open air, rocks and benches and random strangers.  Freedom and peace.

Tell me, what do you see?

There’s more than meets the eye.  But you might have to do more than look.
Be moved by what you see.

How do you know?

| February 27, 2014 | 0 Comments

How do you know?

There are questions that you can answer definitively.  You can search for historical facts on the Internet.  Solve math problems.  Calculate with a computer program.  Look up nutritional data.  The list could go on….
But there are other quandaries that aren’t so easy.
Those that don’t have ONE right answer, and in explaining how you know, the words may not come so easily.

How do you know?

Know ~ (verb) to perceive or understand as fact or truth; to apprehend clearly and with certainty.
How do you know…

that you love him (or her)?
this partnership will rock?
you should say YES (or no) to the job, deal, project, proposal, date?
that this is THE house?
whether you should go this way, or that?

I’ve made enough wrong decisions to realize that what I thought I knew was really me wanting to know.  Wanting to be sure, and missing all of the signs in the process (hindsight is 20/20, right?!).  I’ve acted against my “knowing” enough to realize what it feels like in my body (tightness, whirring almost in the chest).  To know how it plays out in my mind (obsession, anxiety and stress).

The place that knows is always quieter.  Much more subtle.  Clearer (and cleaner) with the truth.  That doesn’t mean that my “knowing” keeps me from making mistakes, but those mistakes are ones that are easier to accept ~ and feel better in the process.

So tell me, how do you know?
Where does your knowing reside?
How do you know that it (whatever it may be) is right?

The challenge?
Trust that knowing.  And act on it.

The battle.

| February 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

How do you meet your resistance?
Just before you exercise? On the way to the gym?
As you dial the phone?
Before you sit down to write?
As you’re beginning a project?
When you try to eat healthy?

Mine shows up every morning at 5:45am.
That just happens to be when my alarm goes off.
Perhaps it’s there earlier, just waiting….watching me sleep….
The alarm rings, and the resistance begins.

Thoughts spin in my head….
The bed is soo warm.
It’s cold outside.
Oh wait, was that a rain drop?
Is the wind blowing?
I’ll go later.  (right)
How many times did I wake last night?
I’m soooo tired.

And I face a choice: get out of bed and run or snuggle in and sleep.
Mostly, sleep wins.
It has been my goal this past year to rise early.  On occasion I do, mostly I don’t.
However. However.
Last week, I had one glorious morning when my boy woke me at 4:55am.  As I tucked him back into bed, I decided to stay awake. I did all kinds of things. I meditated. Checked my email. Got four miles in. Rinsed off. Made lunches. Put on make up. I dressed – and not even in exercise gear. It was fabulous.
And my day rocked because of it.

My intention: to recreate that every morning. Now I know, that every morning is not going to be that great. Yet, I also know that I’m a much better mama/wife/nicer person in general when I’ve had a little time to myself. And what better way to start the day?

So my new wake time is going to be 5am.
You read that right – 5:15am (WTF???) Who does that???
I do…now.  Anyone with me?  You don’t even have to run.

I fully expect resistance to show up every morning, and more often than not I’m going to win.
I’m curious though – how do you handle resistance?
What’s your battle, and how will you win?

Where are you checking the box?

| February 5, 2014 | 0 Comments

You know what I mean.
Getting that workout in, but really just going through the motions.
Sitting in the pew every Sunday, yet not completely present.
Asking “how are you?” and not hearing the answer or even asking the right question.
Showing up for that 8-5, but only doing what’s expected.  Playing inside the box.

Sometimes it’s necessary – just to get by.  And some times, you need a break.
But if you skate for too long, laziness sets in.
You get comfortable, and all of sudden you’re not participating in your own life. 

And to live is an action.

It’s a verb – no matter what label you use…friend, buddist, entreprenuear, husband, CFO, aunt, triathlete, mother, artist, yogi, old-fart.
Whatever it is, it is a verb.  Do it with flare.

So take a look.  Where are you checking the box?
Health.  Career.  Spirit.  Relationships.  Learning.

Where can you step it up a notch?
Go all beast mode if you can!
participate in your own well-being.

Set your life on fire.  Seek those who fan your flames.
~ Rumi

Be True to You.

| January 31, 2014 | 0 Comments

As we settle into 2014, what holds true for you?
If you made any resolutions, how are they holding up?
And if you didn’t, do you notice any areas where life doesn’t feel true?
Where you’re struggling, striving, or trying desperately to “make it happen”?
Where there’s resentment?
Where it just doesn’t feel right?
Could be a job, a project, a person, or simply something you ate.

Sweet potatoes make you feel heavy?  Don’t eat them.  Find another carb.
Love hot chocolate, but the milk weighs you down?  Adjust.  Soy? Hemp?  Tea?
Hate the gym? Get outside.
Hate to run?  Walk.  Dance.  Kickbox.  Yoga.  T’ai Chi.  Crossfit.  Just move….
Desk job hard on the body?  Standing desk?  Mini-breaks every hour?
Co-worker a hurricane of negativity?  How can you be true to yourself while in her midst?

The challenge this week:  Begin to explore what’s true for you.
What does true look or feel like?

With work.
In relationship.
With food.
With exercise.
In life….

Notice the difference between true and untrue.
because feeling good is the whole point, right?!

Notice if you can be true to yourself while in an “untrue” situation.
Over time, true may change ~ however, there’s no time like the present to head toward true north (for you that is).

be true to you.


When Less is More.

| January 21, 2014 | 0 Comments

Over the past several months I’ve been playing with my running form (and anyone that allows me to monkey with theirs). The questions I ask are: how can you relax more, and go faster? or go further? How can you put in less effort, yet get more out? How can you be more efficient?

Some days, it’s easy. Others, not so much.
The thing is, we often get in our own way.
We make things more complicated than they need to be.
We over think things, or “try harder” or push more when relaxing into it or slowing down or simply taking a deep breath would be easier and faster.

Recently, I’ve started to apply this principle to life in general.
How can I do less, yet get more done?
How can I relax into this – whatever this may be?
How can I be more efficient?

As a culture, we tend to push and multi-task and stay busy.
We resist slowing down. Go. Go. GO.
Let’s chuck that out the window for a moment.

 The challenge: do less, and get more done.

Only have 15 minutes to exercise? Run, Dance, Jump, Move…. your ass off. As fast as you can. Do some stairs. Jump in place. Or go for a quiet walk, and let your mind wander (you never know what’ll show up).

Kids screaming at you or misbehaving? Relax. Do a monkey dance. Beat your chest. Laugh. Let the tension fade naturally.

Have a to-do list a mile long? FOCUS. One thing at a time – no multi-tasking, no web, no smart phone or email. Focus. Get one thing done completely and then move on. Go slow, to go fast.

How can you do less and get more done?
How can you be more efficient? In movement? In work? In life?
How can this be easier?
Ask yourself these questions as often as you can.
To a life less complicated.